Phone rang very early Wednesday morning, August 28, 2002.  Not sure why, but I knew that call had to be answered.  I screamed at Bill “Answer the phone”!

When he told me the news, all I could think of was why “YOU”

My whole world went black.  The calls, the chaos, the pain…..

After taking care of notifications and donating your organs, we drove to Florida the next day.  The whole drive I hoped the news was wrong and they had identified the wrong person.

It hit hard when I got to town and my aunt showed me the newspaper article.

All hope was gone, “YOU” where gone, and I died too.

While making your funeral arrangements, I had to make life altering decisions.  A few of your friends were going to the crash site to drink and people were worried more accidents would happen if something was not done to curb the practice.  

Fero Funeral Home Chapel donated a space in their cemetery and requested we bury you there.  I had already made plans to bury you next to my mom.  They honored my wishes and went even further by securing the spot next to my mom’s grave for me.   Lecanto High the high school you were currently attending also planted a tree on your behalf on school property.

The Living Memorial Program
The Living Memorial Program

I will never forget all the care I received from the staff at Fero Funeral Home Chapel during this difficult time.  

I was fortunate to have William E Johnson – Licensed Funeral Director as my guide.  

Mr . Johnson, Thank you for taking pictures of the services and walking with me through this dark period of my life.  You made James viewing memorable.

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